Amazing Engagements

We Make The Plan, You Take Her Hand


Michael and Kristen, engaged 12/29/10 in the candlelit caves of Hourglass Winery.

We have all heard about the marriage proposal written across the sky or the sports announcer who has helped with a public proposal at a professional sporting event. Many modern men are seeking creative and romantic ways to pop the question. Our staff of romantics has researched the most unique and creative ways to ask for her hand here in the Napa Valley and beyond.

Whether it is a spectacular cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a private wine cave dinner, or a mountaintop adventure above the Napa Valley, we can make it happen.

We ask questions. How did the two of you meet? What are your interests, lifestyle and traveling preferences? Do you like wine and fine dining, or is kayaking more your style? Does she like to shop, or would she prefer a spa day? Answering these questions helps us put together the perfect custom surprise engagement designed especially for her.

And best of all, she will never have to know you didn’t plan the whole thing yourself!

We do the research and make all the right connections for you. Once the engagement has been designed, we make all the reservations and book the surprise adventure. For those of you who would prefer a little more spontaneity, we can provide you with several location options to keep her guessing: “Is this it, or is he just trying to buy a little more time?”

Our perfect client?

  • The busy executive who wants to spoil her but doesn’t have the time.
  • The guy who thinks she might be on the fence.
  • The romantic man who really just loves her.
  • The man who loves to travel and wants her to love it too.
  • The adventurous man who is looking to thrill his woman.

We customize each engagement to match your personal interests. The following are just two examples.Believe us when we say that ave saved the best ideas for our clients. We have many more to choose from. We don’t want the ladies to know to many of our secrets, she needs to be surprised after all.

Here are a couple of fantasy engagements to spark your interest…

A Day at the Beach:

Imagine strolling through redwood groves older than our country. Armstrong Woods is such a place. Only an hour drive from St. Helena nestled beside the famed Russian River, this magnificent forest is both awe inspiring and romantic. Take your time walking the trails and guessing the ages of the trees while reading up on the local history. Sneak a kiss standing in warm rays of sun that filter through the trees. If that’s not enough to make you pop the question, then hop back in your limo and head for Bodega Bay, as the beach is just another half hour down the road.

Stand on a craggy cliff overlooking the Northern California coastline. Unlike other coastlines in our country, the North West Coast is rugged and rocky; sometimes warm and wonderful, sometimes windy and misty. It’s a magical place.

Sit atop a craggy cliff over looking the sea green ocean, crack open a bottle of wine and break out that picnic lunch. Can there be a better place to ask for her hand? Perhaps it would be better to ask while walking on the beach, leaving your footprints in the sands. Wherever you decide, this journey will be remembered for a lifetime.

Up, Up and Away (balloon adventure)

Napa Valley engagement landing

Ask for her hand while flying aloft in a private hot air balloon floating gently over the patchwork vineyards of the Napa Valley. A limo will pick you up early in the morning to whisk you away to the launch location of the hot air balloon company who will pilot your private balloon. Experience the morning chill on your cheeks as you rise in the air with your beloved’s hand held securely in yours.

Afterwards your limo driver will escort you to a private brunch where you will celebrate with some of Napa Valley’s fine sparkling wine. Then it is off to a day of wine tasting where you can show off that brand new ring! We of course can arrange for a complete day of private tours and tastings.