Client Services

Welcome to our Client Services section. This is our client-only section where we will provide you with resources and guides to help you create the perfect event. Clients will find information like: elements of a wedding ceremony, sample ceremonies,  ethnic customs, etiquette advise, budgeting, samples of wording for wedding invitations, color theory and design elements, a 12 month countdown to the wedding day, lists of all kinds,  as well as concierge information for lodging, restaurants, local activites and advetnures. Everything you need to know about planning a wedding in Napa Valley is offered in our Private Reserve Wedding services pages. You will be able to view the pages from the level of service you have contracted for. Not all clients will have access to all the information.

Please enter your Username and Password in the login box below. You will then have access to the section you have contracted for. You can access these pages from the menu to the right.